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Registration September 3rd & 5th, 2024 

Tuesdays:                                          Thursdays:               
Carley Community Centre                 Northwest Barrie United Church
396 Warminster S.R.                         464 Ferndale Drive N.
Oro Medonte                                      Barrie

5:00-5:30 Newbies                             5:00-5:30 Newbies 
5:45-6:30 Level 2 Beg. / Gentle         5:45-6:30 Level 2 Beg. / Gentle
6:45-7:30 Level 3 Beg.+ / EZ Int.       6:45-7:30 Level 3 Beg.+ / EZ Int. 
7:45-8:45 Level 4 Int. +                      7:45-8:45 Level 4 Int. +                          
   introduction to the Crazy World of Clogging !!

This is an introductory class with a minimal time investment....a chance to see if you can LOVE clogging as we do !

You'll learn some basic steps in four weeks and dance to some fun, simple routines to a variety of music. Generally speaking, new students will attend this class for a minimum of 2 months before being invited to join our Level 2 Beginners in progress.

These classes are a Prerequisite for entering  Level 2 classes, at Julie's discretion.

Level 2

These classes continue to introduce students to beginner level steps,  with 4 wall rotations, and help build confidence with repetition

as we dance  to fun and easy choreographed  routines. 

Level 2 is a Prerequisite to the next Level, at Julie's discretion.

Level 3
 New level of challenge for those who have mastered the beginner steps and turns, and you are ready to begin tackling  Beginner Plus and

EZ Intermediate steps with more complicated sequences as the routines are less repetitive, and often much faster tempo in this class. 

Level 3 is a Prerequisite to the next Level, at Julie's discretion.


Level 4

This is the highest level of instruction that I offer, and I use this as an opportunity for self-learning and growth as your teacher.   

Although this is an Intermediate Plus level, we do, on occasion attempt low advanced routines....just for the challenge of it !

This class is for our senior dancers who have committed themselves to learning complicated step-work and is by invitation.

Class level is determined  by Julie with a focus on enjoyment, success and ability.


Classes  Sept-May


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